Workforce Development Programs

PRIDE/ACDJFS provides the opportunity to develop work skills and engage in job search activities while addressing barriers to employment.

COMMUNITY WORK ADJUSTMENT provides a supportive, realistic work experience at a community employment site to people who need minimal adjustment and work experience in order to enhance their potential for competitive employment. Placements are geared to the client’s needs/interests. Progress is monitored.

JOB DEVELOPMENT & PLACEMENT SERVICES matches an appropriate employment situation to the functional abilities of the individual. This includes the identification of employment positions, a community labor market survey, initiation of employer contacts, a job analysis and a specific job match.

The program manager provides individuals with job leads which are consistent with each person’s vocational goal, arranges interviews and advocates on behalf of each person. Job seeking skills are taught. The individual follows up on job leads with the assistance of a placement specialist.

JOB COACHING provides a service for individuals with disabilities who have had difficulty maintaining employment. The job coach teaches specific job duties and offers job related support as appropriate.

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