Monday, January 23, 2012

Conneaut Middle School Drive Begins Today!

This week January 23 – 27th Conneaut Middle School is opening their doors to Goodwill Industries of Ashtabula for a large clothing drive.

John Roskovics, Assistant Principal of CMS said, “I think we realize that there is a need. We understand it will benefit people in our area and there are so many people just here in Conneaut who could really use some good will.”

Goodwill has been working in Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania for the past 77 years. They have provided job assistance and training for thousands of people and work to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or special needs through education, job training and the power of work.

“Everyone has the power to make a difference,” Roskovics said. “Sometimes it’s as easy as bringing in a bag of used clothing to school. By doing this week hope the students will learn we can all work together to help our community.”

For the next few days students will be hauling small, grocery – sized, bags of clothing donations to school for a chance to help Goodwill and even win a variety of fun prizes.

“We like to make it fun for the kids to donate,” Alexandra VanAllen, Goodwill’s marketing manager said. “So we are offering a variety of board games, toys and fun art supplies as prizes to inspire creativity and perhaps a little friendly competition.”

For each bag of donations a student brings in, they will be awarded one raffle ticket to put towards any of the prizes. The more bags a student brings, the more raffle tickets he/she will receive.

“It has been great working with Principal Bernay and Assistant Principal Roskovics,” VanAllen said. “They have been very generous allowing us to come in and put on such a large drive. We just want them to know how grateful we are.”

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