Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ashtabula Elementary Santa Shop

Ashtabula Elementary hosted their first ever Santa Shop at the new school buildings with a little help from Goodwill. Parents and students lined up outside the door of the shop in Huron Primary School this week for toys, fun and Christmas spirit. Raven Fetters, a member of the Parent/Teacher Association volunteered to design and run the shop this year but discovered she would need a little help.

“We (Ashtabula Elementary) really wanted to make the Santa Shop special but just didn’t have enough money to buy all the decorations we would need. I thought that shopping at Goodwill would be a good idea to help save some money but we were still running short.” Fetters said.

Instead of leaving and working with the few decorations she had, Fetters approached the Goodwill Harbor Store Manager and asked if there was anything Goodwill could do to help.
“The store manager was very nice,” Fetters said. “She referred me to the marketing manager who was happy to help.”

Goodwill provided garland, confetti, lights, ornaments, wrapping paper and even an eight foot Christmas tree to help make the Santa Shop a success.

“We really enjoy helping whenever we can,” Alexandra VanAllen, Goodwill marketing manager said. “We are thrilled the Santa Shop was a success and look forward to working with the Ashtabula Elementary Schools more in the future.”

The Santa Shop provided a small winter wonderland for elementary students as they played and shopped for their friends and family.

“They have been saying things like, ‘this is the best Santa shop I’ve ever seen,’ or ‘oh my gosh this is so beautiful.’” Fetters said. “I really just want to thank Goodwill for everything! The kids really loved the Santa Shop.”

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